A clean timeline theme for the Ghost CMS. This theme has been build from the ground up with a focus on only the most essential elements to keep the user experience smooth and fast.


Just download an instance of Practice to your ghost's theme folder (you eventually will need to restart ghost).

Please select an even number of posts per page in the pagination settings in your ghost dashboard for perfect pagination performance.

Release notice

08.01.2017 Fixed tag page error + updated stylesheet and preview gif
05.01.2017 Fix ghost pro errors, make more generic for others to use - by xdumaine
30.07.2016 Practice now uses infinite scroll for pagination v1.4
27.07.2016 Changed typography, navigation and allows now background images v1.3
10.07.2016 Added footer section for credits v.1.2
06.07.2016 PageSpeed optimized v.1.1
01.07.2016 Release of Practice v.1.0