A Gatsby theme plugin for creating blogs from headless Ghost CMS.

Turn your Ghost blog into a flaring fast static website. This Gatsby theme is a frontend replacement of the Ghost handlebars engine featuring the standard Ghost Casper skin and functionality. All content is sourced from a headless Ghost CMS.


  • Ghost Casper look and feel
  • Infinite Scroll ✨ 🆕
  • Gatsby images 🚀
  • Featured posts pinned on top 🆕
  • Sticky navigation headers
  • Hover on author avatar
  • Styled 404 page
  • SEO optimized
  • Fully responsive
  • Advanced routing 🆕
  • Composable and extensible
  • Incremental build enabled 🚀 🆕


Lighthouse Score


Additional features can be integrated by installing Gatsby themes or plugins. The following plugins have been tested to work with gatsby-theme-try-ghost:

Name Version Description
gatsby-theme-ghost-dark-mode version Dark mode toggle 🌗
gatsby-rehype-ghost-links version Rewrite CMS links from absolute to relative
gatsby-rehype-prismjs version Syntax highlighting with PrismJS
gatsby-theme-ghost-contact version Contact page
gatsby-theme-ghost-commento version Commenting system with Commento
gatsby-theme-ghost-toc 🆕 version Table of Contents
gatsby-theme-ghost-members 🆕 version Member Subscriptions
gatsby-plugin-ackee-tracker version Site tracking with Ackee
gatsby-plugin-google-analytics version Site tracking with Google Analytics

Quick Start

Head over to the starter repo to get up and running quickly! The starter is recommended if you are creating a new site.


This mono repository contains the demo code, the base theme and add-ons. If you are here to install the Gatsby base theme plugin in your existing project, check out the theme specific README for further details. All add-ons can be found under the packages/ folder.

In case you want to work with this repository (for local development, pull requests, etc.):

  1. Clone or fork this repository:
git clone
cd gatsby-theme-try-ghost
  1. Run yarn to install dependencies.

  2. Run yarn develop to start the example locally.