A minimal Ghost theme for photos.


Imagine an art museum: The artworks are well illuminated and a discreet description is placed next to them. The distance between two artworks on the wall is quite big. So, when a visitor decides to walk along the wall, he's only able to see one piece at a time. The wall is white. There are no distractions and the viewer has to move in order to have a glance at the object exposed next.

That's the idea behind Crozon, a minimal Ghost theme for photos and texts. Existing Ghost themes, even the ones designed for photo-stories, are too overloaded. Many elements visible on first page load distract from the value of a single photo. Multi-column views, social media buttons, comments and other eye-catchers are completely redundant if you want to absorb the unique atmosphere of a photo or anecdote.


Every post is shown as a "card" (in material design terminology). A card comes with an image that is specified in Ghost as feature image. Below it follows a title and an optional description. As additional information are publish date as well as a list of tags shown.

Pagination is enabled by default.

This theme makes heavy use of materializecss, a front-end framework that helped me to create a consistent, modern, and responsive design.