Scriptor is a minimal, clean, modern & responsive Ghost theme for writers.



Disqus Comments

Scriptor theme comes with Disqus commenting built-in, you just need to have a Disqus account (create it at To enable commenting, you need to change the default Disqus account shortname "my_disqus_shortname" on line 11 in the comments.hbs file located in the partials theme folder (Ghost/content/themes/scriptor/partials).

var disqus_shortname = 'my_disqus_shortname';

If you wish to disable commenting, just remove the following lines from the post.hbs file located in the main theme folder:

{{!-- The tag below includes the theme comments - partials/comments.hbs --}}
{{> comments}}

Copyright Information (Footer)

You will find all copyright information in the <div> with the class "site-info" in the footer.hbs file within the partials folder (Ghost/content/themes/scriptor/partials) of the theme.