Minsper - A Ghost Theme for Personal Blogs

A minimized and updated version of Casper for personal blogs.



  • Compatible with the newest version of Ghost (v1.20.0).
  • Works for all display sizes.
  • No routes to needless individual author pages.
  • Updated elements and UX, such as navigation, tags, etc.
  • Updated post page that helps concentrate on content better.
  • Updated index page that shows recent posts as tiles.
  • Integrates page load progress indicators.
  • Integrates Disqus with easy setup.


Zip the theme folder and upload it within the Design panel over at your own Ghost administrator page.


Run a local version of Ghost and setup the theme within it so that you can easily monitor changes made to the source code. Also, check with any updates to see if the code will be compatible with future versions of Ghost.


All configuration changes should be done inside the Blog Header section from the Code Injection panel within Ghost's administrator page. Configs should be added using the following format:

THEME_CONFIG.postSquareColors = ["#hex-color1", "#hex-color2", ...];
THEME_CONFIG.autoLoadComments = true;


Config for changing the index page tile colors. Define as many colors as you want. If omitted, only one default color will be used.


Config for setting up the comments section using Disqus. Replace the placeholder string with the disqus_shortname you've acquired. If omitted or empty, the comments section will not be shown.


Config for setting the loading time point of the comments within the comments section. If omitted or set to false, the comments will be loaded and shown right after page load. If set to true, the comments will be loaded and shown only after the user clicks the necessary button to open the comments.

Future Plans

  • Adding a dedicated search page.