A Multi-column Ghost Theme.


Compact Non compact
compact_true compact_false

To switch between these layouts set the $compact-preview-layout variable to true/false in assets/_base.scss.

Syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting is powered by Prism. By default it uses the Okaidia theme and supports
the following languages: Javascript, CSS, Markup, C-like, Typescript, PHP, SASS/SCSS, Twig, YAML and Bash.

Extending the supported languages or changing the theme can easily be done by modifying the prismjs in
the .babelrc file.

In case you don't need the Syntax highlighting at all simply remove these lines from assets/js/index.js:

import Prism from 'prismjs';


Locale development

  1. Clone the repository to <ghost directory>/content/themes/haven
  2. Install npm dependencies with npm i
  3. Run npm run dev to start webpack with the --watch flag
  4. SASS and JS will be automatically compiled after changes


The theme is tested against

  • gscan (npm run gscan)
  • sass-lint (npm run sass-lint)
  • eslint (npm run eslint)

Alternatively you can run npm test to test all of the above.


To build the theme simply run npm run build. This will run webpack in production, which will
automatically take care of asset optimization (aka minification and uglification).