Beautiful Ghost

This is a porting of Beautiful Jekyll theme by Dean Attali. It supports most of the features of the original theme.

Too see a live preview, just visit my blog!

From version 1.1, beautiful-ghost will support only Ghost >= 1.0. It will work also on older versions, but some feature may be disabled (e.g., favicon).



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Easy way:

Head to the releases page and grab the last version. Then in your ghost installation go in Settings/Design and click on Upload a theme. You're done! :tada:

If you want to customize some parts, great! Clone the repository, make your modifications and recreate the zip file:

    $ git clone
    // Your modifications
    // Then move in theme root level
    $ cd beautiful-ghost
    $ zip -r *
    // Upload the theme zip as before



This theme is designed for both large-screen and small-screen (mobile) devices.

Syntax highlighting

This theme has support for syntax highlighting thanks to the PrismJS library.

Disqus support

To use this feature, change {{!> disqus}} into {{> disqus}} in post.hbs and fill out the disqus_shortname parameter in partials/disqus.hbs.

Google Analytics

To add Google Analytics, simply sign up to Google Analytics to obtain your Google Tracking ID, add this tracking ID to partials/google-analytics.hbs and change {{!> google-analytics}} into {{> google-analytics}} in partials/footer.hbs.

No header image in posts (but yes in social networks)

In header_post_page.hbs you will find a switch:

{{> header_image}}
{{!> no_header_image}}

The first one ({{> header_image}}) is the default: if you upload a post image it will be shown in post page AND on social networks when you share it; if you don't upload an image, then it won't show anywhere. Easy peasy.

The second option ({{!> no_header_image}}) is a little bit different: you will never see the uploaded post image on your blog, but if you share it, then the image will display, giving better visibility to your tweet/FB post.

These two options are mutually exclusive, only one at a time must be activated.