Minimal Mistakes for Ghost

Minimal Mistakes (for Ghost) is a port of Michael Rose's Jekyll theme, Minimal Mistake for Ghost platform.


  • [ ] Syntax Highlighting
  • [ ] Koenig Styles Testing*
  • [ ] Blog cover picture
  • [ ] Post/page cover picture.



This theme requires one or more authors, not named ghost. Author details in the sidebar are rendered based on current post/page author. Although, my testing was limited to a single author, it should support multiple authors.

Author information is pulled from the system. Please make sure that author Name, Bio, location, and picture are fully populated.

Blog Details

Blog title, Description, icon, etc. are also pulled from the system using @blog helper. Please ensure that information is populated.

Ghost is a bit limited in that it doesn't let you add arbitrary configuration. Therefore, most of the social media information are stored in partials located within partials/social directory. For example, partials/social/twitter.hbs contains my Twitter handle.

It is included in the sidebar and footer using {{> "social/twitter"}} syntax.

Most of the social media links are found in the sidebar.hbs or footer section of the default.hbs. That's where you can add any additional ones.

Blog Title

Although most places reference the blog title using @blog.title helper, I had the need for a bit stylized title for use at the top of the page.

_sass/_masthead.scss contains the style definition for masthead_left and masthead_right classes which are combined to produce the two colored look.

partials/blogtitle.hbs contains the HTML snippet for using the above mentioned styles. This partial is included with the partials/navigation.hbs.


analytics.hbs has been removed. Analytics code, Google or otherwise, should be injected via Code Injection are of the admin interface.