Aakari is a Ghost theme based on Bootstrap 4. The theme's layout is simple and effective. Inspiration was taken from the blog of Digital Ocean. The theme has a transparent navbar followed by a topics bar. When the navbar is scrolled out of the topics bar, it adds a shadow effect. The theme uses very simple layout, and the actual blog posts are wrapped by a custom container. This is actually me second Bootstrap 4 based Ghost Theme.


  1. Bootstrap 4 (Main style sheet, Slightly modified)
  2. Google Fonts (Typography font)
  3. FontAwesome (For rendering icons)
  4. JQuery Lazy (For lazy loading images, so theme loads quickly)


High resolution preview images are frequently updated on the preview-images branch of this repository. Clicking on the below link will take you there.


Method 1: (Recommended)

Please click the below link to download the latest version of Aakari Ghost theme. Once the file has been downloaded. Head over to your website's Ghost Admin area, and click on Design in the side bar. Here under the Themes section, click on the upload button and drag the downloaded .zip file. That's it!

Download Now

Method 2: (The Git Way)

If you are familiar with Git, then you can simply clone this git repository by running the following command inside the themes folder of your Ghost instance.

git clone --single-branch --branch "mainline" https://github.com/vasanthdeveloper/aakari.git "aakari"

This would create a new folder in the themes directory. Now, restart the Ghost instance once and apply the theme on your website's Ghost Admin area.


Please raise an issue in this repository for any suggestions and changes needed to be made for this theme.

Known Issues:

  1. Running npm package does not provide an acceptable package for Ghost.

    A workaround is to manually ZIP the files using an archive manager, until this works.


  1. Add author location on author page
  2. Add a developer guide on wiki about how to work on this theme.