Text for Ghost

An elegant ghost blogging themes. Mandarin article optimization support.

This theme is for Ghost, a blogging platform. It supports ghost version greater than 1.0.0.

I focus on things below:

  • Reader first: clear readability.
  • A responsive theme along with less CSS code and simple HTML construction.
  • Less animation, no font or image icon.



  • Responsive
  • Error Page(ex: 404, 500)
  • Authors, Tags, Pages
  • Navigation
  • Code highlighting via highlightjs.
    • Line numbers support (Optional)
  • Google Analytics (Optional)
  • Disqus(Optional): comments and comments count, (Thanks @Windfarer)


Chose one option below:

  • Download as zip and put the folder text under ghost/content/themes/

  • Use git: clone this repository under 'ghost/content/themes'

  • DigitalOcean + Ghost: How To Change Themes and Adjust Settings in Ghost

After install the theme, please restart server then you can change theme on settings page.

Code Injection

Blog Header

// to enable Google Analytics
var ga_id = 'YOUR UA ID HERE';

// to enable Disqus
var disqus_shortname = 'YOUR DISQUS SHORT NAME HERE'

Blog footer

// to enable line number support