Oolong is a theme for Ghost publishing platform based on Bulma CSS framework.



  • Responsible design
  • Custom social network links
  • Disqus support
  • Share buttons
  • Code syntax highlighting


Clone the repository or unpack the archive into your ghost/content/themes directory. Then choose the theme in the Ghost settings.

Disqus integration

Go to the Ghost administration panelSettingsCode InjectionBlog Header and put the following <script> tag there:

<script>var disqusName = "YOUR DISQUS NAME";</script>

Analytics integration

Place your analytics <script> tags via Code InjectionBlog Footer.

Adding other social network links to the header

Place the following <script> tag via Code InjectionBlog Header:

    var customLinks = [
        {icon: "fa-vk", url: "VKontakte URL"},
        {icon: "fa-linkedin", url: "LinkedIn URL"},
        {icon: "fa-github", url: "GitHub URL"},