A two column, free and open source theme for Ghost.


  1. Download the theme from GitHub.
  2. Upload the theme as described in the Ghost Documentation.
  3. This theme has multiple custom pages: about, projects and speaking. Checkout the Ghost docs for more info about custom pages. To customize the data, on the right side, in the projects and speaking pages you'll first need to add this to your routes.yaml file, bellow the routes key:

/custom/api/:     permalink: /custom/api/    template: api    content_type: json

More info about the routes.yaml file here.

  1. After that you can customize the api.hbs file with your data, just make sure the structure remains the same.
  2. Additionally you should replace all the image in the assets/images folder. You can use this useful tool.
  3. After you've completed the steps above, you can zip the theme and upload it.


You can install all the theme dependencies using:

yarn install

Available scripts:

  • yarn prod - will build the whole theme for production.
  • yarn deploy - will build the theme for production, zip and validate.