A simpel blogging theme for Ghost. Help make it awesome!

I just want an awesome and simple designed blog, so I created just-content! Inspired by an old design from Segment.com's blog this turned into my private blog that I am now moving to Ghost and open sourcing the theme.

I am in no way perfect

I am not a frontend developer, nor a designer. I am just a script kiddy that likes great design, so please help improve this theme both when it comes to code, features, and design. I am here to learn!

Local development setup

You need to set up Ghost on your local machine, read the official documentation here.

I use Sass to generate CSS files.
First, you need to install bundle on your machine if you are on a mac run bundle install. This will install Sass.

Go to the theme directory and run sass --watch assets/css:assets/built, this will run Sass in the background and update the compiled .css file in the built dir every time you make changes to the .scss files.