A highly functional theme that adapts to the reader's preferences. Let them read, search, subscribe, navigate, and more with ease. Completely free and fully responsive, released under the MIT license.

Live Demo

Howdy? Dawn is a simple yet powerful Ghost theme with features including membership, search, featured posts and there is more. Crafted with ❤️ by IVEEL.


  1. Generate a content API key in Integrations section which will be used to fetch posts from your site.
  2. Insert the generated key in Code injection > Site Header field.

<script>    var gh_search_key = 'API_KEY';    var gh_search_migration = 'v1';</script>

The theme generates an index of posts for highly performant search. The index is updated automatically when posts are added or updated. However, it isn't updated when posts are unpublished or deleted.

To force update the index, increment the search index migration version like 'v2'.

When your site has lots of posts, including the post content in the index cache ends up with exceeding the browser local storage quota. In that case, disabling content search is recommended. Also make sure increase the migration version to force update the old index.

<script>    var gh_search_key = 'API_KEY';    var gh_search_migration = 'v2'; // Increased from v1    var gh_search_content = false; // Disables content search</script>

White Logo

If your logo image isn't recognizable in dark mode, you can set a white version of the logo in Code injection > Site Header field.

<script>    var gh_white_logo = 'https://example.com/content/images/white-logo.png';</script>


Styles are compiled using Gulp/PostCSS to polyfill future CSS spec. You'll need Node, Yarn and Gulp installed globally. After that, from the theme's root directory:

# Installyarn  # Run build & watch for changes$ yarn dev

Now you can edit /assets/css/ files, which will be compiled to /assets/built/ automatically.

The zip Gulp task packages the theme files into dist/<theme-name>.zip, which you can then upload to your site.

yarn zip

PostCSS Features Used

  • Autoprefixer - Don't worry about writing browser prefixes of any kind, it's all done automatically with support for the latest 2 major versions of every browser.


A minimal newsletter theme for Ghost. Contribute to TryGhost/Dawn development by creating an account on GitHub.