"MindsersIT Blog" is a blog for nathanaelcherrier.com. This part of the site is based on Ghost.

This repo host the ghost theme that powers blog.nathanaelcherrier.com. Be aware that some parts of the theme are hardcoded for the needs of "MindsersIT Blog". This theme is NOT production ready.

Live Demo

The MindsersIT Blog by Nathanaël Cherrier
Stories about entrepreneurship, coder lifestyle and software development. Learn about those topics while I’m currently learning too.

Getting started

  • Download this repo into /content/theme on the Ghost installation.
  • In the Ghost GUI (SETTINGS > Design), activate the @mindsersit/blog theme
  • Check if the version number is the right one


Ghost theme for MindsersIT Blog. Contribute to mindsers/mindsersit-blog development by creating an account on GitHub.