Divi Blog Ghost Theme Template
The official theme for the Divi Project Blog.


  • Gulp integration
  • Blazing fast LibSass
  • Bourbon and Neat
  • The amazing power of Autoprefixer
  • JSHint with Stylish


  • Ghost installation (local recommended for development)
  • Gulp
  • Npm
  • NodeJS


Clone the repository into your local Ghost theme directory.

cd diviblog-theme
npm i

This will install all dependencies and start gulp, which will watch and test new changes made to CSS or JS files.

To zip

gulp deploy

This will create a zip file that can be uploaded to the Ghost admin.

Gulp Tasks

Running gulp will initiate the default compile task which will compile all
stylesheets using Sass and Autoprefixer, use JSHint to analyze the javascript,
and watch for changes on both.

Running gulp deploy will recompile the theme's stylesheets, create a zip file
of the theme (excluding the node_modules directory), and then use
gscan to validate if the theme is compliant
with ghost.

[Gscan] Checks Ghost themes for errors, deprecations, best practices and looks
to see which features are supported. Aims to generate a compatibility report
and feature listing for themes.