Ghost theme for the InterviewPlanner blog



  • Node v10.19.0
  • yarn

First-time setup

The first time you clone this repo, you will need to set up a few things with the following command.

$ yarn $ yarn setup

This performs a local installation of Ghost. It also links your package.json into your theme directory, and links your theme directory into your ghost/content/themes directory, so that you can preview your theme locally.


  1. Start Ghost.

$ yarn start

  1. Navigate to http://localhost:2368/ghost/ and set up your blog (e.g. create an account, name your blog, etc).
  2. In http://localhost:2368/ghost/#/settings/design, scroll to the bottom and activate the interviewplanner theme.
  3. As you make changes to the theme, you can see them on your local Ghost blog. If you aren't seeing your changes, it may be because of Ghost caching your styles. You can do a hard refresh (Shift+Cmd+R on Chrome on Mac) to see them.


  1. Merge PR to master.
  2. Get master up-to-date on your local machine.

$ git checkout master $ git rebase master

  1. Create the bundle.

$ yarn release:patch # or release:minor or release:major$ yarn bundle

  1. Go to the staging blog settings and upload the bundle.
  2. If everything looks good in staging, go to the production blog settings and upload the bundle.