Ghost Theme for the PokédexTracker Blog

Ghost Theme for the PokédexTracker Blog

PokédexTracker Ghost Theme

Ghost Theme for the PokédexTracker Blog.


First-time Setup

When you clone this repo for the first time, and you intend of making changes, there are a few things you need to do before you get started (you only have to do this the very first time):

  1. Make sure you are using Node v4.6.2 (Ghost recommends >= 4.2 < 5.* at the time of writing). If you have nodenv, this means running nodenv install 4.6.2.
  2. Get everything setup correctly by running yarn setup (WARNING: This takes a considerable amount of time).
  3. Run yarn start to start Ghost, navigate to http://localhost:2368/ghost/, and setup your blog (e.g. create an account, name your blog, etc).
  4. Go to http://localhost:2368/ghost/settings/general/, scroll to the bottom, and activate the pokedextracker theme.


To test the theme as you make changes, just run yarn start to start the Ghost in development mode. This will allow you to make changes and refresh to see them. Some caveats to keep in mind as you're developing:

  • Ghost caches styles pretty aggressively from what I can tell, so if you aren't seeing your style changes, you'll need to do a hard refresh (Shift+Cmd+R on Chrome on Mac).
  • Ghost only watches files that existed at startup, so if you add a new file or directory, you'll have to restart the server.


This theme is meant to be deployed as a bundled zip file. Before creating the bundle, you should cut a new version first. Then, after the tag has been created, you can run the bundle script to create the zip file which can then be uploaded directly to any Ghost blog.

$ yarn
$ yarn release:patch # or release:minor or release:major
$ yarn bundle