Ghost Fluent UI

Ghost theme using the Fluent UI framework and based on the Microsoft SharePoint design.


To enjoy the features of this theme, some of them should be configured manually in accordance with your wishes.

You can see more information about the configuration in the Wiki pages of this project.

Path to awesome

  • npm i to install dependencies
  • npm run dev to launch watcher

Developer environment

Windows Prerequisites

  • Python for Windows
  • Install NPM Build Tools as Administrator
    npm install --global --production windows-build-tools

Docker environment

Use the provided Docker compose to install and test the theme:

  1. Install Docker for Desktop
  2. Create data folder into the parent folder of the solution (../) to keep persistent data
    1. Create ghost folder
    2. Create mysql folder
    3. Create elasticsearch folder
    4. Create isso folder
  3. Launch Docker compose
    docker-compose -f ghost-compose.yml up -d
  4. Edit your hosts file by adding at the end of the file:   fluent-ui.local
    • Windows
    • MAC and Linux
  5. From your favorite browser, go to http://fluent-ui.local/ghost
  6. Configure your developer environment and active fluent-ui theme

Local deployment test

Among the different gulp tasks, one of them consists to deploy automatically the theme into the target Ghost environment.

It is possible to test it locally:

  1. Create a Ghost integration access token (from the admin web interface)
  2. Create a .env file into the root of the solution
  3. Append to the environment file, GHOST_API_URL=http://fluent-ui.local
  4. Append to the environment file, GHOST_ADMIN_API_KEY=<YOUR_KEY>