Like the iconic Manhattan building, Quarterback is unconventional. It features gradient background, fixed-to-scroll sidebar, image cover that adapts to its content, and optional infinite scroll with easy set up. Its magazine look gives your readers a streamlined yet immersive browsing experience on a clean and dynamic layout.


  • Responsive layout that adapts to the size of the screen; from desktop to mobile besides delivering good readability.
  • Perfectly baked custom widget to enhance the functionality of Ghost; Instagram, Flickr, Ghost subscriber, Basic HTML, etc.
  • One-touch-overlay Browse tag button for easy navigation across content. Psst, it grabs post tags automatically, thanks to new Ghost API
  • Well coded and well structured data markup (rich snippets) to help search engine understand the context.
  • Social sharing buttons for easy content sharing, including “Tweet this quote”—like a pro.
  • Optional beta search, with easy set up.