This is a icarus theme for Ghost.


  1. use highlightjs to highlight code
  2. use disqus for comments
  3. use pjax
  4. use baidu to handle the search
  5. design by COoL but somethings refer to the icarus theme of hexo and w3cplus


  1. install ghost

  2. checkout this repo to themes folder

     $ cd ghostfolder/content/themes
     $ git clone https://github.com/coolhihi/gxxghost.git


  1. Blog title

    edit this file partials/custom/sitetitle.hbs

  2. Owner info in sidebar

    edit this file partials/custom/owner.hbs

  3. add or edit <meta>

    edit this file partials/custom/meta.hbs

  4. because ghost do not have folder, so I make hidden tags to do this, the hidden tags should not show in sidebar. so edit partials/sitebar to change the my 3 chinese words

  5. change disqus's shortname, baidu search sid, google analytics id

    edit this file partials/custom/config.hbs


  1. log in your ghost manage platform
  2. go to General to select this GxxGhost theme
  3. go to Labs to tick Public API(if you want to use the images list and tags list in sidebar, you must do this)
  4. restart your ghost