Winnipeg Police Cause Harm Ghost theme.

Deploying the theme

A push to the production branch will deploy the theme to the site.

Preview deployment workflows

For ease of review, a preview deployment is created for every pull request on this repository. It’s forked from the base Heroku application ghost-theme-sandbox with an overridden theme from the content of the PR. When the preview workflow has completed, it adds a check with a link to the deployment.

Since data/redirects.json and settings/routes.yaml don’t persist on Heroku’s ephemeral filesystem, you can add overrides to .content-overrides to have them pushed to the Heroku preview application, in case that’s helpful for exercising the PR in the preview environment. For instance, .content-overrides/settings/routes.yaml will be placed in the proper directory before the workflow pushes to Heroku.

Closing the PR will destroy the Heroku application.

Future improvement: forking the actual deployed site instead of a sandbox base so theme changes can be inspected with more-representative content.